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Faver grapples were designed to be the toughest, best performing skid steer attachment available.  The new 779X-H is another great addition to our special application grapple rake buckets.  This model was designed especially for those crews that think they can break anything.  If the specifications on our standard models don't blow you away already, check out the specifications of this new model:

  • Dimensions and opening are similar to that of our 759X, however, it measures 77" wide and is approximately 150 lbs heavier.
  • All AR400!!!*  That's right, if the part is cut from plate, it's made of AR400.  Including the cylinder covers!
  • Dual grapples boasting 4000 psi standard operating pressure cylinders.
  • Hardened steel cylinder pivot bushings.
  • Pivot pins are nearly twice as strong as our standard models.
  • The side profile is similar to our standard X model, however, the rake teeth measure 3" longer.
  • Rake teeth are 1.25" thick vs. 1" thick on our standard X models.

For more information, press Home above for additional information on how Faver grapple rakes can help you achieve your work goals with a smile.  We look forward in helping to prosper your work experience and life.

* This does not include structural members made from angle or square tube.

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779 X-H Grapple Rake Bucket